Richard Koonce is author or co-author of four books on the topics of leadership, change and careers, all of which are available for purchase through and Barnes & He is also author of over 150 other articles and commentaries on job, career, leadership and workplace topics.

Richard's books include:

Strategic Six Sigma: Best Practices from the Executive Suite
Wiley, 2002

Six Sigma is more popular than ever as an operational quality improvement technique for cutting costs, improving processes, and reducing business cycle times. But Six Sigma can also be employed as a powerful leadership philosophy and methodology. Strategic Six Sigma: Best Practices from the Executive Suite, outlines how Six Sigma can be used to develop and deploy business strategy, accelerate business growth, and drive transformational change. By Dick Smith and Jerry Blakeslee, partners, IBM Business Consulting Services with Richard Koonce. (Wiley, 2002) To order go to

Growing Leaders
(ASTD, 2001)
Growing Leaders - Today, business is complicated - so complicated in fact, that it's no longer possible for a company to make all of its decisions at the top. In Growing Leaders, Steve Yearout, Gerry Miles and Richard Koonce have a simple message. When you can no longer rely on a few talented individuals to run the entire show, developing leaders throughout your organization becomes your most critical business strategy. This book shows you how. By SteveYearout and Gerry Miles of PwC Consulting, with Richard Koonce. (ASTD, 2001) To order go to

Business Climate Shifts: Profiles of Change Makers
(Butterworth-Heinemann, 2000)
Business Climate Shifts: Profiles of Change Makers, contains interviews with some of the most significant transformational business leaders of our time including Lord Colin Marshall, Chairman of British Airways; Bob Bauman, former CEO of SmithKline Beecham; Bill Henderson, U.S. Postmaster General; Jane Garvey, former Administrator of the FAA; Sir Richard Evans, Chairman of BAE Systems, and Errol Marshall, CEO of Shell South Africa. The book carefully analyzes what's required to ensure successful and sustainable transformation in business today. It also introduces readers to the principles of "business climate modeling" - a unique methodology for understanding the climatic changes in today's business environment. By Bill Trahant and W. Warner Burke, with Richard Koonce (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2000). To order go to

Career Power: 12 Winning Habits to Get You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
(Amacom, 1994)
Career Power! 12 Winning Habits to Get You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be provides readers with a timeless and proven set of rules and tools for effectively managing one's career in today's turbulent economic climate and job market. It focuses on providing readers with insightful advice about setting job and career goals, crafting effective resumes, understanding one's unique skills and strengths, and harnessing the power of positive thinking to achieve one's job and career ambitions. A highly impactful book according to Barbara Sher, author of Wishcraft. By Richard Koonce (Amacom, 1994). To order go to

The following "Career Power" columns of Richard Koonce, which originally appeared in Training & Development (T&D) Magazine are also available. Intended to provide job and career advice to consultants, Organization Development practitioners, and trainers, they will have wide appeal to a more general business audience of readers as well.

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